Job Openings

Position Overview

The Community College Success Advisor (CCSA) plays a critical role in supporting our program. The CCSA begins their role by working with students who begin their college journey at a community college. The CCSA reports to the Executive Director (ED). During 2020, the CCSA will work 80% of their time supporting Community College Scholars and 20% supporting Community College Scholars for transfer. The percentages will change each year as more community college students transfer to complete their bachelor’s degree. This is a full time, exempt position with a comprehensive benefits package.

Key Responsibilities – Community College Scholarship Program

(20%)  Applicant Outreach and Selection 

  • Manage the community college program. 
  • Conduct outreach to Berkeley City College (BCC), Berkeley High School (BHS), Berkeley Technology Academy (BTA) and community-based college access programs.
  • Deliver presentations about the Community College Program
  • Conduct application assistance workshops.
  • Manage the application review and interview process.
  • Review applications and make recommendations on the selection of scholars.
  • Send recommendations to Taskforce and Full Board for each community college cohort.

(40%)  Community College Scholar Support

  • Provide students with support, resources, and referrals as needed.
  • Provide quarterly workshops to support Community College to High Hopes Scholarship scholars including topics such as: 
    • Academic Preparation
    • Social and Emotional Support
    • Financial Literacy
    • Career Readiness
    • Scholarship Application Support
  • Collect updates and transcripts, monitor grades and progress to degree completion.
  • Maintain well-organized records and provide reports on students’ progress and activities.
  • Have quarterly check-ins with BCC Counselors to review scholar progress regarding academic goals.
  • Visit 3-5 Learning Communities at community colleges
  • Plan and implement a Spring Welcome Orientation.
  • Support and execute a Recognition Ceremony.
  • Complete evaluations of scholar progress, reports for Taskforce and Board.

(10%)  Community College Scholars for Transfer

  • Support students during the transfer application process.
  • Support students with their applications to BD High Hopes.

(15%)  Scholar and Partner Data Management

  • Enter and manage data on students, and partners in our contact management system – Salesforce.
  • Manage correspondence with the BCS board, donors, students, and other constituents.
  • Process financial components related to the Community College Program.

(5%)  Fiscal Management, Administration and Record-Keeping

  • Oversee program budget; submit all supporting documentation and financial reports as needed.
  • Submit requests for scholarship payments and distribute scholarship checks to students.
  • Document revisions/creation/implementation of program, workshops, meetings, etc.
  • Keep records of scholar progress.
  • Check-in monthly with the ED to give an update on students and discuss any issues.

(10%)  Events 

  • Participate in and assist with preparation and execution of general BCS events including:
    • the BCS Spring Event (May)
    • Annual Dinner (September/October)
    • Holiday Party (December).
  • Represent BCS at outreach and networking events.
  • Participate in Berkeley City Manager’s 2020 Vision College & Career Readiness Task Force and the Mayor’s Berkeley Promise initiatives.

Salary and Benefits

  • Full-time employees are eligible for a full benefits package including health and dental coverage, flexible work hours, a gym membership, and paid vacation and sick leave. Wage is dependent on experience. BCS actively supports the growth of all employees and encourages professional development, networking, and collaboration. We utilize the YMCA of the East Bay (formerly the YMCA of the Central Bay Area) for many of the administrative functions of the organization which has all BCS staff technically an employee of the YMCA- East Bay.

Please note this job description provides an overview of the position but is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of the activities, duties or responsibilities that are required.