Mission, Vision and Values


Berkeley Community Scholars bridges the opportunity divide for Berkeley youth from lower income families by providing scholarships, connections and other support instrumental to success in college and beyond.


We envision a more equitable future in which our scholars, who embody the diversity, spirit and values of our community, achieve their aspirations and become more economically secure.


These core values inform our mission and guide our actions:

Community. We believe that a healthy community is a diverse and caring community in which all share the responsibility of supporting the success of our youth.

Inclusion. We are committed to creating and maintaining an organizational environment that promotes inclusiveness and respects the diverse heritages and experiences of our program participants, volunteers, employees and supporters.

Empowerment. By helping our scholars access knowledge, networks and resources, they have more options for life choices and a pathway to achieving their goals.

Learning. We are a learning organization that regularly, and with humility, examines our success and failures and makes continuous improvement an integral part of our work. We respect the experiences of and engage our program participants in the creation, delivery and evaluation of our programs to ensure those programs are effective and relevant to their lives.

Collaboration. We can accomplish more by harnessing the power of partnerships. Our services complement, rather than duplicate, other programs that exist to support Berkeley youth.

Integrity. We are reliable, trustworthy and honest in our relationships with everyone — program beneficiaries, supporters, staff and the public.

Joy. We find joy in working with one another toward a common goal, in sharing resources with our scholars and in being part of a larger, caring community.