Mission, Vision and Values


Berkeley Community Scholars empowers Berkeley youth who face racial, economic, and other barriers to achieving their college dreams by providing a unique experience of scholarships, advising, mentoring, and a community of support.


We believe that all Berkeley youth deserve the opportunity to achieve a future of success, security, and joy, and the support of a community who believes in them every step of the way. We work for racial and social equity so that our college-bound scholars—who embody the spirit, diversity, and values of our community—can access the resources to realize their dreams and aspirations.


These core values inform our mission and guide our actions:

Community. We are a caring and generous community that is built upon inclusion and belonging, respects our diverse heritages and experiences, and shares the joy and responsibility of supporting the success of our youth.

Equity. We believe our scholars deserve the opportunity to access the knowledge, networks, and resources that will empower them to define their own pathways to achieve their goals. We respect the experiences of—and engage our community in—the creation of our programs to ensure they are inclusive, effective, and relevant to our students’ lives.

Education. We believe that a college education is a powerful force and a doorway to opportunity for students seeking a pathway to success, security, and joy.