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BDHH Program Application

The Bachelor’s Degree High Hopes Scholarship Program is a college success program designed to provide mentorship, programs, community support, and resources to motivated and resilient college-bound seniors from Berkeley public high schools. Scholars receive a scholarship of $16,000, payable in installments of $2,000 twice a year for four years.

The 2021 application period has closed.

CCHH Scholarship Program Application

The Community College High Hopes Scholarship Program provides $1,500 paid directly to the student over 2 years (while in community college) and monthly group mentoring sessions to help students succeed. Scholars who successfully transfer to a 4-year university will have the opportunity to apply for additional scholarship funds of $8,000 over 2 years.

The 2021 application period has closed.

Level Up

Level Up is a pilot career readiness program developed in partnership with RepresentEd. Scholars will receive a six (6) week professional development training, engage in design thinking and develop essential soft and hard skills through the completion of a “design challenge”— a group project solving an organizational problem relevant to their home communities. Each participant will learn how to leverage their mentors and build professional networks throughout their college career.