Welcome 2023 Scholars!


Aug 2023


This June, we were delighted to welcome our 2023 High Hopes Scholarship class. In total, 21 new students joined our program: 5 are attending community college and 16 freshmen are going to schools across California with one student attending Xavier University in Louisianna. Additionally, 10 Community College High Hopes scholars transferred from Berkeley City College (BCC) to four-year institutions. All of our students are looking forward to the start of a new school year. 

We also want to congratulate our Class of 2023 college graduates! They received diplomas in an array of disciplines including neurobiology, film and media, computer science, nursing, business and economics, and social sciences. Over 60% of these students graduated from a UC, 20% from CSUs, and 20% from private colleges and universities. We are so proud of them!

Welcome 2023 High Hopes Scholars!

Community College High Hopes

Hameed Alghaithi
Lizette Garcia
Naod Habte
Hana Medhkour
Iman Shaikh

Bachelor’s Degree High Hopes

Maraki Allen
Aaron Avery
Danny Barrera Catalan
Ivan Cuatlatl Tello
Driana Clay
Jayden Davis

Citlaly Espino
Yosan Ghide
Melissa Ibarra
Josselin Ibarra
Idrissa Jones
Reem Mahmoud

Bicky Nguyen
Alex Reyes Aranda
Sanusi Signateh
Sara Tesfai

Congratulations 2023 Graduates!

Abril Fonseca
Lauren Spencer
Michael Morris
Daija Rogers-Breland
Grace Schafer Perry
Bouchra Bouhedda
Amani Aledlah

Sukhdeep Singh
Monica Navarro
Ruofeng Wang
Zihao Yang
Marcos Ortigoza
Blessing Ntekume
Milagro Mariona Cruz

Maria Cuautle-Velazquez
Briana Remsen
Segen Araya
Amira Harara
Ryan Walton
Jason Vilchez Alvarado
Leonardo Garcia

We are grateful for those in the community who have joined us in the past to provide access to our four-tiered approach of advising, mentoring, career readiness, and scholarships. These resources strengthen our scholars’ college experience and advancement toward their career goals. Through 1:1 meetings, group workshops, internships, and events our scholars are staying on track to earn their degrees. The following community members ensured funding for the entire journey of a scholar in either our bachelor’s degree or community college programs for the 2023 scholarship cohort:

The Angell Rev Intervivos Survivors Trust (Patricia Angell)
Battle Family Foundation
Berkeley Rotary Club
Carol Brosgart and Joseph Gross
Diana Burden and Alan Levy
Debra Farb and Eric Sippel
Gwyneth and Mark Galbraith
Susie and Rob Goodin
Dina Honda
Frances Hellman and Warren Breslau
Louise and Jacob Epstein
Morris Family Fund

Karen and Michael Meryash
Stephanie McKown and John Brennan
Rosa Luevano and Charles Marston
Deborah Lewis and Martin Myers
The Nancy P. & Richard K. Robbins Family Foundation
Beth Sawi (In Memorium David Sawi)
Patricia and Merrill Shanks
Ann Smulka and Bob Black Burn
Susan Taylor and Bob Fabry
The Voleon Group
Wareham Development Corporation
Robert Rice

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