Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is the collective body of all graduates of BCS High Hopes Scholarship Programs. All former BCS scholars are considered a part of the Association.


The Alumni Association seeks to connect, support, and build BCS’s impact beyond college for graduates of the High Hopes Scholarship Programs.


To enhance alumni engagement, to encourage proactive members of a community, and to live the BCS vision and values.

The Alumni Council


The BCS Alumni Council was founded in January 2019. Thanks to the hard work of alumni Paola Alonso, Eric Jung, Aida Marin, and staff/alumnae Fatima Rodriguez-Ortiz and Colleen Sparks, the Council was launched with 10 founding members.

The Council plans events and develops resources for the Alumni Association to continue to support and build community with BCS alumni beyond graduation. These events and resources thus far include our Annual Summer BBQ, a Professional Clothing Closet, care packages, workshops for incoming scholars during our Summer Orientation and professional development for upperclassmen and recent graduates.

The Council is project-based, and each member leads and plans their own project based on the needs of the community as well as interests, skills, and passions.

Current Council Members

  • Hammad Zahid, Co-Chair (2015 High Hopes Scholar)
  • Enrique Lopez, Co-Chair (2016 High Hopes Scholar)
  • Paola Alonso (2013 High Hopes Scholar)
  • Omar Aguilar Martinez (2015 High Hopes Scholar)
  • Wess Barrett (2015 High Hopes Scholar)
  • Cuca Gonzalez (2014 High Hopes Scholar)
  • Eric Jung (2011 High Hopes Scholar)
  • Colleen Sparks (2013 High Hopes Scholar)

Join the Council

The Alumni Council is open to any BCS college graduate. We recruit throughout the year. If you are interested in joining the Alumni Council, please fill out the Interest Form. After we receive your application, we will reach out and invite you to shadow an upcoming meeting.

Support the Alumni Association

The Alumni Association’s endeavors are supported through Council membership fees and donations. These funds directly fund the events we plan and the resources we cultivate for BCS scholars and alumni.