Wheeler Medal

Benjamin Ide Wheeler was an outstanding figure in the Berkeley community: active leader, statesman, and shaper of public opinion; accomplished scholar and distinguished University of California president who transformed the school from a small college into a world-renowned university.

Dr. Wheeler always thought in terms of value to human life, no matter what issue he tackled. He also fostered a close, supportive relationship between the campus and the community. He was so admired by the Service Clubs Council of Berkeley that, in 1929, it established an award in his name.

About the Award

The Wheeler Medal recognizes and honors an outstanding member of the Berkeley community who has provided years of distinguished service, in any field of activity, which has benefited the quality of life for a significant number of people in Berkeley. BCS assumed the responsibility of granting the award to “Berkeley’s Most Useful Citizen” in 1994.

Wheeler medalists remind us that Berkeley is filled with people who are committed to the greater good and who make the city such a unique place to live.

Prior Recipients

1929 William H. Waste

1931 August Vollmer

1933 Robert Gordon Sproul

1935 Chester R. Rowell

1937 William B. Herms

1939 Monroe E. Deutsch

1941 Louise Marks

1943 Lester W. Hink

1945 E.O. Lawrence

1947 Vere V. Loper

1949 Emery Stone

1951 Clarence A. Bullwinkel

1953 Galen M. Fisher

1955 Walter A. Gordon

1957 Lilly M. Whitaker

1959 Robert R. Porter

1961 Redmond C. Staats, Jr.

1963 Claude B. Hutchison

1965 Katherine Towle

1967 Wallace J.S. Johnson

1969 Roger W. Heyns

1971 Wilmont Sweeny

1973 Carol Sibley

1975 Thomas B. Shaw

1977 Sylvia C. McLaughlin

1979 Robert W. Ratcliff

1981 Paul E. Harberts

1983 Robert G. Eaneman

1985 Robert A. Rice

1987 Margaret S. Gordon

1989 Fred S. Stripp

1991 Mary Lee Jefferds

1994 Ira Michael Heyman

1995 Alba and Bernard Witkin

1996 John A. Martin, Jr.

1997 Chang-Lin Tien

1998 David R. Brower

1999 Marian Cleeves Diamond

2000 Thelton E. Henderson

2001 Jeffrey Shattuck Leiter

2002 Alice Waters

2003 Kent Nagano

2004 Arthur Rosenfeld, Ph.D.

2005 Davida Coady, M.D.

2006 Mal Warwick

2007 Robert Cole

2008 Helen and John Meyer

2009 Steven H. Oliver

2010 Denny Abrams and Richard Millikan

2011 Narsai M. David

2012 Susan Medak

2013 Wavy Gravy

2014 Arlene Blum – View Video of Arlene Blum, Ph.D.

2015 Archana Horsting – View Video of Archana Horsting

2016 Skip Battle – View Video of Skip Battle

2017 Dr. Vicki Alexander – View Video of Dr. Alexander

2018 Susan Muscarella – View Video of Susan Muscarella

2019 Frances Dinkelspiel, Lance Knobel and Tracey Taylor – View Video of Berkeleyside Co-Founders