BCF Mentors Honored During National Mentoring Month


Jan 2019


In observance of National Mentoring Month, we honored our High Hopes mentors at the 2nd Annual Mentor Appreciation event on January 20th.

The event was held at the beautifully restored Easton Hall building located near the Cal campus. We celebrated mentors for their continued dedication to our scholars and enjoyed a light brunch and mimosas!

As a token of our appreciation, mentors were awarded with BCF Appreciation certificates in recognition of their support and commitment to the success of our Scholars. Linda Osuorji and Lynn Walker, our College Success Advisors, shared stories of particular mentors they felt exemplified what it means to be a mentor. While they only had time to talk about a few,  there are so many more mentors whose stories they could have shared.

We also honored Susie Goodin, long-time BCF board member and chair of our mentor committee. During her tenure on the board, Susie has stepped up to mentor 3 High Hopes Scholars and is personally invested in the success of all our mentor-mentee relationships.

Echoing President Obama’s Presidential Proclamation on mentoring, our executive director shared the following: “nobody succeeds on their own, every young person’s strength and resilience is fostered by those who have helped them see that they can do anything they put their minds to…”

We observe this every day in our program and we are very thankful for ALL of our BCF mentors!


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