Congrats 2020 Graduates!


Jul 2020


We are so proud of all of the High Hopes Scholars who completed their bachelor’s degrees this year, and wish we were able to celebrate with them in person. We hope you will tune in to the 2020 Virtual Summer Celebration and Recognition Ceremony and help us celebrate our students’ accomplishments, and welcome the next cohorts of community college and bachelor’s degree High Hopes Scholars.

2020 Virtual Summer Celebration & Recognition Ceremony

Friday, July 10th, 2020 @ 6:30PM PST
Watch live on our Youtube Channel

Aia A.

B.A. Anthropology
UC Santa Cruz
2016 High Hopes Scholarship

Omar A.

B.S. Mechanical Engineering
San Francisco State University
2015 Andres & Pio Pico High Hopes Scholarship

Laila B.

B.A. Economics; Psychology
Yale University
2016 Pardee Family Berkeley Rotary High Hopes Scholarship

Alice H.

B.S. Environmental Science and Management
UC Davis
2016 Peters Family High Hopes Scholarship

Sequoia J.

B.S. Health Science
CSU East Bay
2015 BCS High Hopes Scholarship

Alejandra L.

B.A. Political Science
UC Berkeley
2016 BCS/BHS Class of 1951 High Hopes Scholarship

Enrique L.

B.A. Sociology and Organizational Studies
UC Davis
2016 Reynold Family Berkeley Rotary High Hopes Scholarship

Melissa M.

B.A. Psychology
San Diego State University
2015 Marion Marshall High Hopes Scholarship

Emily M.

B.A. Sociology; Latin American and Latino Studies
UC Santa Cruz
2016 Pardee Family High Hopes Scholarship

Alexandria M.

B.A. Ethnic Studies
UC Riverside
2016 Owen Family High Hopes Scholarship

Kristian O.

B.A. Sociology
UC Riverside
2016 Shanks Family High Hopes Scholarship

Katherine P.

B.A. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
UC Santa Cruz
2016 Pers-Stein High Hopes Scholarship

Donna R.

B.A. Environmental Studies and Planning
Sonoma State University
2016 Jascha Pohl Memorial High Hopes Scholarship

Daan R.

B.S. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
UC Santa Cruz
2016 Sheila Duignan & Michael Wilkins High Hopes Scholarship

Carena R.

B.A. Sociology
UC Santa Cruz
2016 BCS High Hopes Scholarship

Ocean S.

B.A. Studio Art; Minor in Hospitality
CSU Long Beach
2015 BCS High Hopes Scholarship

Van T.

B.S. Kinesiology
CSU East Bay
2013 Gilbert Family High Hopes Scholarship

My’Anna W.

B.S. Biology
Grambling State University
2016 Karen & Michael Meryash High Hopes Scholarship

Jeffrey Yu

B.A. Economics; Minor in Finance
University of Southern California
2016 Battle Family High Hopes Scholarship

Hammad Z.

B.S. Computer Science
UC Davis
2015 Falk Family High Hopes Scholarship

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  1. kim walters

    Wow. So impressive. Congratulations to each graduate.

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