Scholar Connection | Oct. 2020


Oct 2020


Hi BCS Scholars!

This is our first issue of “Scholar Connection.” We will be sending you monthly emails (which can also be found here on the blog) offering words of advice from your peers, sharing tips, stories, opportunities, and reminders. We hope you will find it fun to read and helpful. If you would like to share your own story, a piece of advice, a resource, or make suggestions for us to include in the next newsletter, please let us know. 

Scholar Voices: Coping with Remote Learning


Merritt College, Junior

I know it’s silly, but making your bed is key! Make sure your room is organized and clean, because the space should make you feel calm and motivated. Have a calendar out, so you can see which assignments are due. Find a new activity like painting or baking. Get outside and as much as you can. And exercise at least 30 minutes a day!


UC Santa Cruz, Senior

Do the things that you can’t normally do if you are at school. Spend time with your sister, walk your pets, eat dinner with your family. Once you go back to school, you can’t do those things.


UC Santa Cruz, Junior

Don’t be afraid to email your professors and TA’s. They genuinely want to help you succeed and are willing to provide you with the support you need.


San Francisco State University, Junior

Be disciplined and work hard, but be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself up for mistakes, and make time for yourself.

Tutoring Resources and Homework Help

4 Tips for Getting Help with Homework

1. Go to online office hours with your professors and/or teaching assistants to ask questions about assignments and to let them know if you are struggling. If your professors get to know you and see that you are trying, they will be more willing to help. Click Here for a sample email to send to your professor.
2. Seek help from campus programs such as Educational Opportunity Programs and Student Learning Centers. They offer online tutoring sessions. 

3. Contact your College Success Advisor (CSA), if you are not getting the help you need. They may be able to connect you with additional resources.

4. Email Your CSA to Sign Up for a BCS Tutoring Session. BCS is recruiting volunteer tutors to help students who are not getting enough help from their school resources. See below for short bios of our available tutors and the subjects they can tutor in. 

Tutor Bios

Jared Boddum specializes in language arts tutoring (including English literature, creative writing, social science reporting, and English Language Learner support). He has 5 years of experience teaching bilingual adults and is fluent in Spanish and French and conversationally proficient in Portuguese and Mandarin. 
Trisha Connors 
practiced law for 23 years and has taught AP US Government and Politics for the past four years. She now teaches US history at Foothill High School in Pleasanton. She is available to help with writing, editing, and understanding political and historical events. Also, she can help advise and edit writing assignments in other classes, regardless of the discipline.

Email your College Success Advisor to get connected!

Scholar Career/Professional Development Survey

BCS is planning to offer some professional development for scholars. We want to hear from you and learn what kinds of career help/assistance would be most helpful to you. Would you complete this 5-minute survey to help us design programs that meet your needs and interests?

Time to Renew FAFSA/Dream Act

The 2021-2022 FAFSA and Dream Act applications are open! Don’t forget to renew your financial aid every year. Financial aid is issued on a first come first serve basis. The earlier you submit your application, the better. The FAFSA deadline to receive the Cal Grant is March 2, 2021, so make sure you get your application in today!  

  • Renew FAFSA HERE Make sure to have your FSA ID numbers and your 2019 tax forms handy!
  • Renew Dream Act HERE

Vote On or Before November 3rd

It has never been more important to exercise your right to vote! Student voices are so important and will help shape economic, social, and foreign policies that will impact your future. If you haven’t registered to vote yet, don’t worry! You have until October 19th to register. You can mail in your ballot, drop it off at a local polling place, or vote in-person. Just make sure you vote!

Here are some links to help you find out information about voting, the candidates and measures on the ballot:

Find more voting resources here

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